Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Dol Amroth training, farmed Barrows for Scholar stuff and reputation items – and that’s all for not-so-grumpy Minstrel.

My TP grinding toon used deed accelerator, finished one deed, then used all maps at house and was deleted. Toon earned some 4 gold (quite nice), gathered Scholar stuff and overall was effective.

Stormsong just trolled a bit in World chat. My favourite topic; about Sauron the Good and Gandalf the Evil, Gandalf the always grumpy. Sauron was a Lord of Gifts. Gandalf gave no gifts. Sauron did not beat viceroys. Gandalf was beating one. Sauron did not sent 2 non-combatants to wage war – Gandalf did. And the only thing both have in common – both had bad councellors. Sauron had one, called Saruman the Noob and Gandalf had…well, almost everyone by him. In other hand, one must ask: did Sauron, Mordor, Carn Dum – did they ever exist? They were seen by magician and his close fellowers, PR-agents. If simple warriors saw something – it could be juts illusions. Mordor had great army, tens of thousands Uruks, also ravens of Grima…and yet failure to capture even significant part of Rohan.

Kinship  chat: brainstorming one nice thing with other kinnies. Also – thinking about creating a toon, then making him an owner of his own kinship and having such a “kin’s” house to store my stuff.

Just because even mule toon is not enough now. Mule is a Tailor, so she has all kind of hides, waxes and processed hides. Great many ingots, precious stones etc. Of course, I stay with The Family – it’s just about one toon who would do nothing, just own house and pay for it. Some 20 gold needed for begining, but that’s pretty doable.

And now to Scholar stuff: I ama getting one…and here’s the list of what would I be forced to grind for:
1. Materials
Aged scrap of text;
worn tablet fragment
cracked dwarf carving
fragment of Dunadain script
worn elf-carving
rune carved tablet
scrap of weathered dunleding text
page of gondorian parchement
scrap of Rohirrim text
piece of sealed wax
tattered Rohirric parchement
westement sealed wax.
2. Critical chance enhancers
Dim candle
rushlight candle
beeswax candle
tallow candle
ornate candle
bright lamp
3. Non-cultivated plants
Indigo plant
yarrow root
woad plant
4. prospector gained stuff
piece of sienna
piece of copper salt
piece of umber
piece of ancient iron oxides
chunk of lime

And finally, some farmer-grown stuff. Only 26 items, if you are to have only 1 stack (which is not enough).

Yet this is job to do and I will do it. If Turbine discounts store space – a nice chance to purchase one .

And so the day has ended – nice grind and talks on Saruman the Good…