Lord of the rings online

Of course, original song was about “go faster”. Hope Geri Halliwell will excuse me – but since this song is probably an anthem for Minstrels, she will…

Stormsong did Dol Amroth training, received tokens (already some 300 Swan-knights token in vault) and did few Barrow runs, slaughtering poor monsters for reputation items and Scholar stuff. I am preparing for my Scholaring – everything should be ready for me to jet-advance.

TP grinding toon experienced real fun. Never thought it could be that nice. Slaying monsters was pure joy, deeds almost auto-completed. I finished many slayer deeds – only Sickle fly (adv.), Orc and Tree slayer are left. I wo n’t be killing trees though – too much grind. Orc are the option. Of course, with famous Call of Orome things started to get real fast. After completing one trait deed with +1 Trait point everything went even better.

I feel really satisfied with my TP grinder. She gets me valuable in-game gold, she makes me busy in-game and she’s really effective. Even with outdated equipment and no traits equipped.

And so the day has ended. I felt satisfied and (kind of) happy in Lotro.