Lord of the rings online

Wildermore finally finished! Last monster killed, I could finally leave this region. Its warbands proved to be a challenge for me. Yes, I took fellowship class ones and soloed them, sometimes with the use of healinh potion, sometimes almost with no health. Yet it is done. Other regions await – more deeds, more TPd and legendary item xp runes.

Instances were not going too well. Same ‘others, not me’ thing:if there is quality loot, it won’t be mine. Yesterday there was Anfalas crystal in Sambrog – and of course, not for me. It just made me angry – whatever happens, in 99% it won’t be for me. If it’s trash like tier4 item for LI – yes, game will give it. Always the same story – only me getting all the trash while others can tell about 2 crystals per day. No doubt, game’s RNG is set against me.

Did one Rise of Isengard instance with kinnie. It was challenging even for me, was few )maybe 3?) times killed by one Troll. Cute black troll with some 160.000 health. Game then get me reward for a deed – “Get hit by Isengard troll”. Finally, finished, though we were first time there and it was dificult to navigate.

My TP grinding toon awoke from sleep. It was pure joy to grind TPs and Scholar materials. Only at lvl.15 did I experience some problems: needed to do deeds, swamps were done and Barrows/orcs were3-4 levels too high. Overall, it was pure joy, especially when I used slayer and deed accelerator for 90 minutes. Finished many calss deeds, reached lvl.20 so that I could use Bree-land reputation items. Earned 3 gold (after paying maintenance for 3 weeks) just by selling stuff I got and I did not try to hunt for sellable things. Got Scholar materials that would save some time for Stormsong. Being a Minstrel means real and effective fun.

Yes, I am preparing Stormsong to become a Scholar. This does mean she will need materials, tons of them. Some are easily obtained by fight . Some are not so easy. But I will grind so that when Stormsong approaches crafting trainer, she will have enough materials to reach highest levels (crafting accelerators I have in vault would be nice too).

And so weekend has ended. If not for evil instances – life could be good in Lotro. Being one who almost always gets trash only while all others gain normal loot is not very encouraging…