Echo of Souls

Yes, EoS. Anime free-to-play Asian game. Almost mocked at “been there, done that” in mmorpg.com. Yet I gave it a second try.
Install:almost non-problematic, just it asks “to access our account” – it means on Aeria games. Servers do not look too crowded.
Character creation:almost no place for fantasy. Classes are gender locked. You almost can’t customize toon, all customization is up to tattoos, hats (fancy maid one or pirate hat?), tails or wings. 6 toon per account allowed.
Action inside game is good, it’s good old tab-combat I familiar with. Surroundings were nice, music was good, my girlie toon screamed something from time to time.
Yet camera destroyed everything.
You must do two things at one time: control camera and your toon. Camera does not follow it, even like in Terra. I fought with this…and finally abandoned. Game controls won’t let me play normally. A pity. If I am to play this, I want real customization (think about Age of Conan, Lotro…) and I want normal “camera moves where toon moves” thing.

Lord of the rings online

Wood trolls and mounted foes – almost all action I have. Standing, attacking (not sure what is worse, attacks itselves or instant screaming). Mounted foes at some 120/240, Wood trolls at 80/240. Wood trolls are kind of bad, yet one is just to have patience: kill trolls, browse some websites, return to see trolls spawned and repeat. For the total lack of patience I brought some 30-minutes deed accelerators.

Two Sambrog runs, no spectacular loot – yet some gold won’t spoil anything as well as some relics, even tier5.

And so the day has ended – problematic in real life and interesting in games.