Lord of the rings online

Less activity than usual: Naktieskarys logged only to sent some crafting materials to kinnie (and thus no Dol Amroth training).

Stormsong did Swan Knights training, turned in task items in Erthring and then back to Wildermore. Uruk slayer advanced – finished, wolves and wargs slayer advanced – finished. Mounted foes (advanced) and Wood troll slayer (simple and advanced) remains. While there are mounted enemies – wood trolls are a real problem. Guess I would have to use one of 30 slayer deed accelerators (30 minutes).

I abandoned doing last class deed, it takes just too long + need to retrait (and pay for it!) to blue line. I am Minstrel, a healer after all.

One kinnie plays as Minstrel and I was really glad to hear he deals with on-level enemies easy. It’s minstrel – nuke from far, stun, nuke…and if situation is ciritical (i.e. melee combat) – use all of heals. In melee my Champion is the best: shing-shing, enemies dead, but I still am more confident with Minstrel. If situation is bad, I can self-heal, can cast protective bubbles – as a Champion I cannot.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.