Lord of the rings online

Most of the day game was on another update. The only reliable info – we can turn in tasks while in combat. Yay, at last some good news.

Stormsong did Dol Amroth training, turned in another part of task items (need Kindred with Pelagir), themn hunted wolves in Wildermore. Jeez, it was…not good. Too little wolves, so i just stood in cold and hunted few (“decent amount”, as our wiki says) near some rock. Enjoyed killing mounted Orcs while I was on foot: this was way much faster. Uruk slayer going slow and I really do not wish to think about Wood troll slayer. Would take weeks to complete.

Ran some instance with Kinship. One won, though I was killed and resurrected few times. Another failed few times in a row: Battle for Erebor, tier 2. Somehow raid leadership chose 4 out of 6 “terms”, challenge failed automatically and trolls just wiped us out. I tried to heal, but to no results. After some 4th fail, I left, it was midnight – time to sleep.

Chatted about Ost Giliath. Folks are still thinking I couls just ride there on my warsteed while I think this would be suicide. I do not know where to ride, so if I go at full speed, I will end nowhere. With lots of enemy groups that include ranged/magic attackers, I will ride nowhere. Dead end. Unless Turbine changes things so that this could be done solo (which is very, very unlikely:if they change, it would be making everything more hard).

And so the day has ended – very bad in real life and kind of gray in Lotro.