Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did dailies, turned in task items – and quested in snowy Wildermore. Snow cats slayer – finally done, more grindy tasks ahead. RNG was quite nice for me, got (from Hobbits presents) scroll that grants 100% critical chance for crafting. Started to think about crafting: for me maybe Scholar would be nice. This means gathering tons of resourcess and only few – as loot. At the other hand, some nice and sellable things could be crafted.

And then – at rthe evening – joking all the time. One kinnie told he was going to shower. I noticed – “Daily quest:take shower”, someoene told about “Cleanlyness increased”, “:equip item: soap”, then me again with “Deed: use shower NN times”. Other – 24 person raid. And then it began. Shower raid in lotro:
Champion: takes soap, shing-shings 15 perosns around him. Party ruined, bath probably broken, but who cares?
Minstrel: screams, takes shower and tries to throw it on someone (i.e. heal). Party for some reason is broken.
Loremaster:summons few pets and does not understand why party is ruined.
Captain:tries to summon Human pet and does not understand why he can’t.
Warden:tries 29 combos prior to take shower. Almost everyone hurt, but who cares?
Runekeeper:tries to use lightinings in the bath. Electricity + water –>certain death.
Guardian: uses shield to tank enemy, i.e. water and protects everyone from it. Armour for some reason rusted, others are not very happy, the question is – why?
Burglar:steals soap from everyone and then leaves.
Beorning:does not need to bath at all and his bear-form just breaks the bath.
Hunter: takes many pieces of soaps and throws them from distance while placing some pieces as traps. Does not understand why the party is ruined.

Well..so the party was ruined, i.e. day has ended. Without soap, just with fun, talks about loyalty and me. Quite nice day in Lotro.