Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys did Dol Amroth training, same boring Swan Knights faction. Some of Corsair spotters managed to die twice 9this quest seems to be bugged most of the time). Stormsong continued her journey. All slayer deeds in W. Gondor done she went to some instances only to find there was no luck for Minstrel.

it’s kind of typical for me: if there is a nice loot, everyone can get. Everyone, except me. Yet RNG decided to go mad (a bit).

One Mirkwoodd skirmish raid. Lots of enemies, I am trying to heal others…and to no results, because someone always out-heals me. Things drop often, I get trash and trash while others get Anfalas crystals. Few phases pass, I still get nothing or trash while others get Anfalas crystals. More times passes, I get trash, others – Anfalas crystals. My patience was gone. Typed that it was the last skraid for me. Folks reacted immediately -“what’s wrong?”. But there was nothing wrong, just – everything like it should be. Next loot, some bounty, was destroyed, I wanted to destroy every single loot…when I received one nice Anfalas crystal.

Then – Sambrog and nice Tome of Will 2. Looks like RNG started to be more kind to me. Yesterday died in one failed instance…nevertherless, received crystal. Now I have entire 3 crystals in my vault. One last instance – it looked like no crystals, while someone get them and a rarity – Unwellcome Mat. Of course, not me.

Medaillion farming is going very slow. Kinnies advice using Dol Amroth golden tokens…yet this won’t solve anything. if I have 10.000 medaillions and need 29.000 medaillions, event at 1000 medaillions a day it would take forever…and just for 1 imbued weapon. I am not talking about Crystal of remembrance (impossible to get).

Some talks with kinnies and one of rare times when I say “no” to them. Tried to help one with instance A, we finished it, he started instance B (lvl.75), I ran it…when noticed he takes no action. I asked where was he – no response. Finally, I left fellowship only to receive message later like “oops, sorry, was afk, forgot to type”.

Sidenote:tried to install Echo of Souls. Not succesfull, now I even can’t delete my account on Aeria. Thought to have fun with funny-looking anime toons (was thinking about Guardian). A pity, customization is very, very low: all you can do with body is to change legs, head…and add lots of tattoo/wings/hats. Well, uninstalled.

And so weekend has ended. Things were a bit mad, but still nice in Lotro.