Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did Dol Amroth training, this time for Bank faction – just to get different tokens, maybe even needed ones. I have 114 Swan-noobs tokens: a little too much (if I go for 100) and a bit little (if I go for statistically required 1000).

Did Orc slayer in W.Gondor (advanced), used 15-min. deed accelerator. Result – Turbine points and some virtues that have already been maxed. Only brigands remain to kill.

Was discussing Anfalas scroll using on imbued item. Folks are saying that if I upgraded everything up to tier 6, I will need 35 scrolls. And if not – even more. Which puts me into really bad situation: i have not enough medails to buy a ton of scrolls. I have no patience to do RNG-based instances and see how others get good stuff and I only second-handed one.

Few Big battles aside: if only there was a way to get medaillions without evil RNG, I would go for such instance as many times as I am allowed.

Naktieskarys tried to craft weapon, but person could not supply with first age symbols and some special materials. Well, will wait.

Purchased essence reclamation scroll, since it was on discount. 350 TPs instead of 500.

And so the day has ended: one without inspiration and thoughts what to do.