Lord of the rings online

Stormsong continues her journey. Epic quest took me up to Ost Giliath, the impenetrable fortress.  Quest rewards are nice – not too much, but yet nice. Anfalas crystal, Anfalas scroll of e,mpowerement, supreme essence etc. My Minstrel as a ranged unit proved to be more effective than my Champion was. Especially with mobs that spawn rarely: I just kill them from far.

Obtained one essence of Critical rating, exchanged to one of tactical mistery. Now, I have my armour fully equipped…and yet lacking critical rating + tactical mastery. One wise kinnie told I need to get Supreme essences and replace Greater ones with Supreme. That would be hard to achieve, since rng does not favour me.

Also, question – what to do with ~100 Swan knights barracks tokens? I thought to barter lootboxes and get a chance to receive some nice essence. Now what?

And the lame dailies to use one Anthem, 40 days a day. It’s so over-boring to use useless song alone with no real purpose or usefulness.

Anyway – life goes on, my Minstrel finished epic line at Ost Giliath (since for me it’s imposisble content) and now will return to standard training, dailies and deeds in Dol Amroth and its region.

Sidenote: was thinking and asking kinnies about Elder scrolls online. Biggest minus is Buy-to-Play model, one I never believed into and I am one who never pays :-/. Now, real minus is what mmorpg.com considers to be a huge bonus: very big tree of what you cna do with your toon. Huge customization…and that’s something I can barely stand. Too many skills is bad, I’d rather go to mmorpg where I have, say,10 skills. Of course PvP, but kinnies are telling it is on separate maps, so -they say- no ganking. I’m still not sure, it would be better if ESO allowed free trial for, say, two days…

And so the days have ended, life was just standard in Lotro.