Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was active. “Active” means – did training quests in Dol Amroth, turned in remaining task items and then just used lame skill in yellow tree 40 times.

“Death from above” (Swan knights) quest is seriously bugged from time to time. I have to find 6 Corsair spotters. Once found 3. Once – 5. Another time I saw same Corsair was killed, re-appeared and I killed him twice. Yet, despite such bugs, this quest remains – Turbine cares little about gameplay.

Got into useless discussion with one arogant, ignorant person about Critical defense essence. In my opinion, it is not needed at all: what is needed are Tactical mastery and Critical rating. Defense may mean very little if it comes to close combat. Minstrel, I think, should nuke from far so that enemy does not reach him. In melee, Minstrel is kind of bad. Other player called me “glass cannon” and told to run naked, stabbing everything with a fork. He asked if I was in the Etenmoors (no, I wasn’t and won’t be) or if I do the last quest pack instances (no, I don’t and never will, unless they make them easy). My point is very clear: any defense could and will be broken. The only point is to have more (preferably – ranged) offense so that you hit harder and win first.

Of course, question aboutt loot or – my unluck in getting it. Some talks about this too.

And so the day had ended. Not too impressive, but still with more Swan knights tokens to try my luck (if I will ever have it).