Lord of the rings online

My TP grinding toon did one big run and as a result – some 350 TPs. Thanks to deed accelerator and “wellcome back” weekend, was able to complete many of class deeds. Things are really nice with Minstrel – it’s fast, it’s effective.

Stormsong started farming Swan Knights’ tokens in Dol Amroth and Naktieskarys is helping her. Started from zero tokens. Now Stormsong has some 60 and will farm more and more. Why? Just because I need some essences and can barter random box. Yeap, I have little luck with RNG, but maybe from 10 boxes I could get 1 usefull?

One very kind player helped me to finish class deed: one to resurrect fallen player. Thanks to accelerator, I used skill some 24, not 48 times. It came out I someday helped that player in Carn Dum – now he was helping me (with hiss low class toon). Also managed to aid another one with Garth Agarwen (but I screwed challenge at Red Maid).

One more achievement – Oath Breakers slayer deed in Gondor finally finished. Now it’s up to Orcs and Bandits slayer deed.

To finish deeds and get 1 more trait point, had to switch my Minstrel to yellow trait line. Used accelerator so that things won’t be too hard. One deed finished, another one is to be done: use some song 400 times. Song has cooldown of 2 minutes and daily limit of some 40. Thanks to accelerator, I used 78 within first 1,5 hours…and now rest 222 to go. All in the name of one trait point.

And so weekend has ended. Quite nice one in Lotro.