Lord of the rings online

Stormsong went to Bree, visited barrows and killed stuff. Not for need or loot – just to advance one deed (use certain skill 1000 times; daily limit – 100). I am on 772/100, so  -3 more days of senseless killing.

“Wellcome back” weekend is there, which means +25% xp gain. Time to grind some xp with this!

After bree, visited Angmar. Grumpy dark Angmar, where I could finish wigh slayer (adv.) and warg slayer (adv.) deeds. Killed one boar – and somehow completed boar slayer of Eriador. No TPs, just marks and title. Anyway, nice.

Naktieskarys is busy refining (ie. destroying) low level relics to get as manay shards as possible.

And so the day has ended in Lotro.