Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did training in Dol Amroth and forgot to do one quest. Also, crafted relics, had to sacrifice 30 gold to buyout one relic removal scroll. Almost all shard used, but now I have one good relic slotted. Next is one (preferably – two) crafted runes, both can be used for offense or defense. All thanks to advice of one experienced player who could solo any Big battle/Pelagir.

TP grinding toon had real fun. Things were going fast and nice.

Finished intro – rush to Ered Luin.
Accept 2 quests near lake with wolves. Slaughter wolves. 15 TPs + some equipment.
Limael’s vineyard:accept 2 quests. Slaughter Goblins. 15 TPs + some equipment.
Exploring Elf ruins while rushing to Kheledul.
Kheledul: local exploration. Slaughter Dourhands and as many Crabain. 15 TPs.
Slaughter Crabain near hunters lodge. 15 TPs.
Slaughter Spiders. 15 TPs. Find one last remaining ruins and 2 cities of Dourhands.
Ride to Dwarven cities, visit Silverlode mines. Some TPs for Elf ruins exploration and Places of dwarves.
Ride to swamps near Bree. Use accelerator.
Spider slayer, neeker slayer, sickle fly slayer – all complete. 45 TP.
Quick ride to Barrows. Near them – brigand slayer complete. 15 TP.
Barghest slayer. Wigh slayer. Pages of cordolan Prince complete. 40 TP+some TPs for getting to level 10 and using some skills. My result – 230 Turbine points (had 1336 before, have 1556 now). Quite good an fun. I could have earned more if I sacrificed more time and got my toon to lvl.20 (could use rep.items). 2 lowest lcvl lootboxes that contained trash only.

Side note: observed wars in World channel where eone player told this chat was occupied by noobs – looks like someone trolled himk and player became quite enraged. Also, some talks with few a bit impatient kinnies: I am not THE impatient one anymore…

And so the day has ended – quite fun for TP grind and stagnated for everything other.