Lord of the rings online

DunedanMule logged in to take Tailor’s stuff and got an invite to Kinship, like “Hey, wanna quest and fight together?”. No, since this is my mule and she won’t belong to any Kinship. I looked at my mule – oh my God, virtues as low as they can be, armour and weapons outdated. But after all, she’s a mule, not fighter.

Stormsong did almost nothing. FInished Wild beast slayer in W. Gondor and then just stood, talking in Kinship and World chats. Discussed TP grinding strategy with one not-too-patient player. There was no will to do any RNG content. If I run it, I will see others winning good stuff. Others, not me. Every single time – others, but not me. For marks/medaillions I could do some easy content without fun, but without rng too.

And so the day has ended – dull day outside anything in Lotro.