Lord of the rings online

Stormsong tried to do something meaningfull. Training in Dol Amroth was a bit…challenging, most tokens I received were not needed; yet xp for Legendary items is always wellcome, no matter the source. Did 1 or 2 Sambrog runs, as usually – without any significant rewards.

Of course, there are always others who win. Others, not me. People getting 2 Anfalas crystals and later just selling them. And me – well, i get as usual – tier5 relic and some 20 silver worth jewellery.

To make things worse, folks in Kin started telling weird things. Like – if you pass on every loot, your chance to get something of any value increases. I do not believe that. It’s like – “if you refuse to take your salary this month, you have a chance to have a chance to try to win bigger salary”. Even if it was true – wait, due I have to exchange loot I may need into some unclear promise? As we say in Lithuania – better to have sparrow in a hand, than moose in a forest.

This ruined my all day, I realised I do not want to go for RNG loot, since I won’t get anything valuable. Others will, I won’t. And I had nothing to do. One request to “level me up to lvl.13 or 20” from lvl.10 (refused,I think – politely). One request to level up to 36 (accepted for some day). trolling in world chat about easy victory using armies of men/women in bikinis or mankinis, breeding warpigs or dropping pies beneath Mordor lines so that hobbitses would stomp any opposition.

AI was invited into Sambrog, yet refused – it was better to kill wild animals near Dol Amroth. At least bigger chance toi get something valuable.

The day has ended, without any success, without any inspiration.