Lord of the rings online

Spring festival has stepped aside from me. I am even not thinking about it, just trolling sometimes in World chat. This festival is a perfect example – the worst festival I have heared off. If you manage to do 2 simple quests, and gain 2 tokens, you need 125 days to get one nice item (shrew, scroll). Well,l festival lasts for some 20 days: so just some 6 years, not so long…

Stormsong continued her questing. Upgrading Legendary weapons and still cannot find anything to replace one lame Minor legacy on my Minstrel’s sword.  Meanwhile I have finished all regional quests, except Tarlag’s Crown. Will need much aid with these – I come as fragile Minstrel.

Regional quests seamed interesting. Experienced Dead Marches quests – well, kind of not easy. Always dark, too many invisible walls. One quest was cancelled, had no patience to run across the map. But overall – interesting zone. A pity, no deeds there, slaying does not count to Gondor slayer deeds.

I have discussed my Minstrel’s setup with kinnies. Added almost all runes/settings/relics I could. All except one, crafted relic. These all are “bound on acquire”. Unwise move from Turbine, they should be bound to account. I have no wish to invest tons of time levelling crafter just for one lame crafted relic.

Started to open lootboxes. Sometimes I get nice things, sometimes – half trash, like crafting xp accelerator. Maybe it’s because of using “lucky horseshoe”.

Overall – i am enjoying my Minstrel, though some things with this little screamer’s setup remain unclear.