Lord of the rings online

Lotro announced sales on storage: vault, shared vault, inventory slots. Just in in case someone missed – grabs your Turbine points. I purchased Shared vault upgrades (VIII and IX), some 800 Turbine points gone. Well, my Tp grinding toons would have some work to do…and I have more space to store essences, tomes and rep.items.

Stormsong wanted to aid kinnies with one quest, but was unable to: first had to do some quests in Dol Amroth. Only then was I allowed to do what I want. Retraited to blue trait tree. Blue stance. Some instrument that increases healing. I was ready to go.

Things went pretty fast: one Champion, one Hunter and one healer (i.e. me). I enjoyed spamming heals and buffs. Monsters did not enjoy it that much and managed to attack. My minstrel had little attack abilities to defend – but still survived. Infmaous quest “Feast of drakes” was finished, I received tokens and was satisfied.

Now, I am in Gondor, doing every single deed while I can. Deeds are grindy, especially Oath breaker ones. But I will do every single of them. At least for Legendary item xp – and I need as much as it’s possible.

And so, the day has ended and it was quite good. Weekend means Gondor and maybe some TP grind.