Lord of the rings online

600 posts! Yay, some 600 working days writing what have I experienced.

Stormsong was not very active. Some flowers grind, then bartering for festival mounts and warsteed cosmetics.

XGrinder went into action. Things were going very very fast. Initially – standard slaying in Ered Luin, grinding every TP on my way. Slayer deeds done, time to move to Bree land. Accelerators on – killing neeker breekers, sickle flies and spiders. Then – killing Brigands, when these were done – Orcs, wighs and barghests. Then – just brigands near Barrows. Sometimes I was at the risk of being killed (and bye bye The Undying title). But my Minstrel survived and managed to reach level 20.

Then – rush to the vault, taking all Mathom and Bree land rep. items, using them in stacks (alt and simple click). “Use one, half, all”–>all. Reputation jet-levelled, it’s so nice to get 100 Turbine points in few clicks.

XGrinder participated in shrew stomping. Well, there were almost zero people (only some 5) and many shrews. Players were with best connection, so they just out-performed me. By some miracle I managed to stomp 10 shrews and get entire 1 (one) leave. This includes me being lucky and actually getting 10 shrews.

Since most of the time there are way more shrew stompers than shrews – it could require almost 10 years doing same quest to get a shrew from barterer.  This “festival” is a total failure, leaving everyone at the mercy of RNG and internet connection speed. If you have not top connection – save your nerves, forget festival.

Sometimes I wish Turbine listened to normal casual players, not just hardcore pvp’ers on forum. That they try same shrew stomping and seeing even they have no chance should there be any competition. That it’s imposisble to grind tokens or get some essences. Of course, they wouldn’t do so.

And so the day has ended. Kind of good, if one of the worst festivals in online games’ hsitory is not taken into account