Lord of the rings online

Stormsong did festival deeds and felt really un-satisfied with it. Flower gathering is the only thing that was improved. 1 hour means at least 200 flowers of main type + some 20-40 of other types. Got two tomes of spotted shrew, but I already have one and these have zero value at Auction house.

Got into some discussion with the Kin about effective way to grind festival leaves. It is said, big/enormous shrew is some 250 leaves. Festival lastss, say, for 25 days which means 10 leaves a day. I could get one leave a day, for flower picking.

Race quests have always been nearly impossible for me. One slightest mistake, you end in mud, race over. Maze quests are either based on pure RNG (drink green beer) or competition who has the best internet connection (reprimand tweens, chicken run) or just testing if you have all the patience in the world.”Stomp the shrew” is impossible. I did it in the past (i.e. failed to do so), I saw tens of players in the stomping territory, there were more players than there could be shrews. So, there is no way for me to get these. Flowers – yes, I could grind them all the time and leaves…I would need at least 10 years (!) to get. It is not about shrew – it’s about effective way to get tokens.

Update 16.1 – developers stepped back to make players’ life a bit easier. First  – Dol Amroth trainer now gives all 6 quests, no more evil RNG. Second – now, after years of asking, we can use reputation items in stacks. Of course, rep.items are worthless after being tied to levels, but it’s still improvement.

Almost all day was helping one kinnie. Either he was searching for nice equipment for lvl.50-60 champ, or power-levelling. Things were pretty nice, I ran as Stormsong or Naktieskarys and was effective. We joked a bit (“the more shing-shing, the better”) and he got some nice loot.

And so the day has ended, a bit nervous and a bit helpfull.