Lord of the rings online

Weekend was without Lotro: visiting one very nice camp in Poland, enjoying nature, friends, just having fun. One moment of Lotro – horse heads over buildings reminded me of beautifull Rohan.

Managed to play only yesterday. We have Update 16.1 which introduced many many things, yet I have to figure out what it really does to me. New Gondor does not interest me at all: make it easy, make it hard, make it impossible, make it one-shottable with a fork – I am not purchasing it anyway. Marks should have been increased for instances, though less increased for instances everyone likes.

Spring festival is there, so my Stormsong spent some time grinding for tokens (too little) and flowers (pretty nice numbers within an hour). Managed to explain some things about it for a kinnie as well. I’d lie to tell I like this festival – it involves maze and this maze is a bit problematic for me, especially parts where you too much depend upon RNG (beer mugs) or competition (twins, chickens).

Meanwhile finished Bree deeds to kill barrow wighs and spirits. Advanced one class deed, had to retrait: now I am almost full red Minstrel, investing into yellow line to make anthems last longer.

And so the day has ended – quite nice in Lotro.