Lord of the rings online

Looks like my Stormstong is just stuck. Deeds in Western Rohan are finished. Deeds in Fangor are so over-repetative, so restrictive and long I have no nerves to do them again and again.

Ran few Sambrog runs as healing minstrel (but well, with most lame setup: blue trait, but as dps mode…). Few – as my favourite dps minstrel. Looted things, though nothing valuable. Refined every single relic of tier1-tier4. Made as much tier 9 relics as I could.

Then talked with Kin about skraids (skirmish raids). I have never looted anything valuable. Even in tier 3 skirmish raid. People claim 2 Anfalas crystals and keep telling they are not rare. But if I see only 1 Anfalas crystal, it should be rare.

And I do check Auction house for the stuff I need…mostly to find it is way too overpriced (like 1100 gold) or enjoys too many competition.

The only thing to do now are class deeds: do 1/10 of all deed every single day, wait for another day…and so untill I get it done. One deed is kind of evil: resurrect other players 100 times. Somehow I managed to do it 48 times (how???)…now only 52 times remain. 15 resurections a day – hence 4 days of this.

I feel I am stuck. No wish to enter grumpy, hardcore Gondor with this copy-pasted swan-some faces architecture or imposisble Ost Giliath.  All I could think of are old grindy deeds and I have little enthusiasm to do them.