Lord of the rings online

Yesterday finally finished all deeds in Western Gondor. it took me long to hunt for Goblins and Wolves – despite some Fangorn instances having many wolves. one thing is obvious: slayer deeds in W.Rohan are designed for ranged classes only. My champion wasn’t able to finish many of them – just because mounted combat versus too little enemies in too big territorry isn’t effective.

Got 2 lootboxes. One contained trash. Another was for meta-deed and came with key. I had nothing to lose, so tried. Equipped Horseshoe – and hurray. Mark acqusition tome, craft accelerator…and “pick a mount” box. I chose one kind of rare – skeleton mount. Maybe I am starting to have some luck? Anyway, I still have some 30 keys, so will try my luck with lootboxes.

Now, looks like I am left with Fangorn deeds: boring, repetative 5 quests and I could do maximum 4 of them. Later, I need to enter Gondor. Yes, I know: epic quest ending in Ost Giliath is impossible, but I won’t even try it. All I need is first Gondor deeds, slayer or not.

And, of course, get some nice essences should I be able to get in any Pelagir runs. Some people say – use Major Morale essences, some say – no, use Greater/Supreme ones (and these are drop only).

We had some talk about “broken tier2 instances” and that they should be fixed. Why should the be? Players are satisfied with broken instances, they are happy. Hey, who said they are happy? They are happy because they subscribe, because they buy things for real cash. Simple.

And so the day has ended: time to leave my beloved Rohan and go for grumpy hardcore Gondor.