Lord of the rings online

Running Entwood daily quests. Some instances in hope to get needed moinsters, caring about Ent seeds (who on Earth would think they need 11 quests for one seed?).

Then – returning to Stoke and patiently hunting down Goblins and wolves. One or two time was killed: non-mounted Minstrel versus some 3-4 mounted mobs may mean death. Especially when Minstrel focuses on dps, not on heals… Otherwise, just running in circles: find goblin, kill him, look for goblin or wolf, kill it and repeat.

Opened one lvl.90 lootbox: only Dale men creams and Tome of Vitality 10. A tome that no one buys for 5 gold (sold today for some 3 gold and I think someone over-paid by 2 gold 999 silver). Maybe it’s time to resume trashing lootboxes.

I am close to completing Western Rohan deeds: only Goblins and Wolves remain, some 100 of each. Then – new TP, lootbox+key to open it…and either stick to Entwood or move to region I dislike most: Gondor.

We joked a bit in Kin chat about Mordor, weed-zards (my new word for “wizard”). As always – jokes about grumpyness (“Only few persons have righrt to be grumpy: 1) me; 2) Gandalf; 3) Gollum”. Of course, Gandalf the Grumpy, Gandalf the Evil when he won’t smoke weed, he would see visions about balrogs, some dark mines, one-eyed creature and few little humans going for some ring.

And so the day has ended – a bit tired, but still effective in Lotro.