Lord of the rings online

Game login servers were offline for some time, Turbine investigated for ~1 hour.

Stormsong continued to rush epic questline. Redirection to flooded Isengard – done. Quests in flooded Isengard – done, session plays – skipped. Redirection to Fangorn – accepted, but ignored for a while. Well, I am not big fan of doing repetative quests for the sake of repetative quests.

Flooded Isengard has its own beauty and feelings like revenge. You kept ME as prisoner here – here you go, I will stomp any non-wounded of you and nuke. Then – back to Western Rohan. Back to slayer deeds.

These went good yesterday. Orc slayer 9adv.) – finished. Uruk slayer (adv.) –  finished. Troll slayer (simple) – finished. On my way to doing Warg and Crabain slayer. I could only predict that half-orc, goblin and “herd-type” slayer deeds will be problematic: killing mounted enemies takes more time and herd-type animals are a bit rare. But for now, I have to focus on slayer deeds, have to finish all deeds there before entering grumpy, streaming with overpowered monsters Gondor.

In World chat we had sometimes heated discussion about gondors and Ost Giliath. I firmly believe it is almost impassable and that making such was one of the biggets mistakes (well, all Gondors are a mistake – from “copy-paste” faces and swan wings to monsters that will stun you first and only then attack).

And I paid for my own beliefs. 700 Turbine points in Lotro store for 2 (discounts, I do love them!) scrolls that change legacy on imbued items. Yes, i knew, newest Gondor would award me with 3 such scrolls and newest Gondor cost 750 TPs. But it is Gondor, it is very hardcore region and it is Ost Giliath, an impossible to enter territory. I had to choose between TPs and my beliefs, and I chose my beliefs. Since it is player un-friendly Gondor, I won’t be purchasing it, no matter if it is central or eastern or south-western.

After using scrolls on NaktiesKarys, re-configured imbued weapon, now I use legacies I may use, not worthless ones.

Managed to aid one player with Sambrog. Yes, nuking from far is nice, especially when one of my attacks can stun. This way I kill trolls in Rohan, this way I dealt with all opposition (lvl.58 one).

And so the day has ended, mostly a good one. I proved I would stand for what I believe is right, no matter what happens.