Lord of the rings online

Stormsong is my only active toon now. Naktieskarys just does dailies, grinds tokens and maxes reputation (with buildings. Yeah).

One problem arose with my minstrel’s essence armour setup. It appeared I had wrong setup. Just plainly wrong and I spent hundreds of gold…well, kjust for nothing. Now, spent lots of gold to retrait, some essences trashed, some auctioned (someone bought and minimized losses). Had to question kinnies for a long time and now I am on my way to correct setup. Equipment is not always good – lvl.95 three-essence armour (use because have no correct essences for 4-slot lvl.100 armour); same with lvl.95 boots. Jewellery outdated too, crafted possibly for lvl.90.

Big battles almost solved this problem. One very kind kinnie took me through all of them. Most ended with platinium result, some – “only” with gold. Some supreme essences (a pity, not these most needed). Medaillions, merit stars just spammed.

Impressions: my Engineer is still lame, but now can somehow contribute to war effort. Playing as Minstrel in BB is still new thing. I enjoyed playing Chmapion in BB: come close, shing-shing, more shing-shing. Now, I have to adapt to the fact  I have 3 ranged AoE attacks, 1 single-target melee attack and 2 AoE melee attacks. Good when monsters approach from far (like pillagers), bad when it comes to me.  Overall, I think I could adapt to it, Just need to remember I am ranged unit: let champions shing-shing, I just nuke from far. And what I really need is to go to some Big Battles and grind Engineer to tier 5. Only then I will be effective.

Some kinnies enjoy Ost Giliath. I could only disagree with them: why make epic quest territory packed woith monsters (you could just count: each 2-3 steps –>1 monster) so that player cannot even enter? Making players feel desperate and sad? I do not agree with forcing fellowships or with an “argument” that some players could solo Nemesis classs enemies. Never saw such a player – even if some does exist, is there a problem that people trait and equip for specific missions? A problem that my champion is an expert in AoE? Or some minstrel is a healing  machine? Loremaster’s pet is a mobile terminator? No, it’s not a problem, it’s natural way of life. I won’t object Ostgiliaths: if someone needs hardcore, let them have; I strongly object making them part of epic. Well, when game’s level cap would be 110, I could enter Ostgiliath. Untill then, it is possible only if someone summons me to quest territory…or some big group sacrifices itself to make me pass.

Overall – my Minstrel is now at flooded Isengard, slayer deeds are going well, after finishing with Saruman I will dedicate myself to slayer deed finishing. Then – lots of Big battles/Pelagirs to equip my little bikini-armour Minstrel and visit grumpy Gondor.

And so the days have ended and they were almost good in Lotro.