Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was not too active. Recent setback with impossible, impenetrable Ost Giliath – it just made me stop and wait. Maybe one day they will make Ost Giliath possible to enter?

Went for some shopping: bartered all bought and obtained Dol Amroth golden tokens for light Nadhin armour. Also tried to sell Tome of Might for ~300 gold. No one bought, no one was interested at all. One kinnie asked – I just gave away. Well, I am not good in playing with Auction house. And for essences – spent amost 800 gold. Essences pluss essence removal scrolls.

StormSong meanwhile continued her adventures. My minstrel quests in Rohan, doing every single quest and grinding TPs. Rohan is nice, warm, inviting, despite some Rohirrim being not too friendly. I mean like one Thane, whose only job is to see is beacon is lit. All Thane does is to stand in Mead hall and watch. City may come under attack, world may change – yet poor Thane will watch for beacon. Otherwise – exploration deeds, “finished quest in … region” deeds, and every single deed is Turbine points.

Questing when all enemies are gray was nice. I was riding wherever I wanted, killing stuff was not a big problem and should situation be bad- I always have buffs and heals. Just need to remember that in Rohan, you should kill every single deed-able monster you see.

The only minus of Rohan: if  you forgot some in some region and can’t r emember – good luck, maybe it was autobestowed by visiting some location? Otherwise, region is good. I do not want to travel to Gondor for epic or not.

I am starting to look for essences for my light Nadhin armour. Some are very rare, some can be obtained. Untill I obtain – perhabs have to use old armour with lots of tactical mastery.

One lucky event: opened lootbox (lvl.80), found tome of agility 800, asked in World chat for price. One player told she was going to pay 400 gold. Hooray, Stormsong could now afford some shoping…

And so weekend has ended: just a normal weekend in Lotro.