Lord of the rings online

Decided to do epic content. Rode to one Gondor, wondering why some stables were usable and some not (all were discovered). First eipic quests were very good – doable and withj nice rewards. Anfalas crystals; Anfalas scroll of empowerement; even some good essences and Kings banner emote – yay.

Then road leads to new Gondor. Quests like “explore and kill 10”. Region is grumpy as all Gondor is: evernight, after all. Day and night differs only in amount of black, not in presence of light. Landscape: hard to evaluate when everything is grey/blackc. Architecture is pretty nice,. no more uglies swan-wings or monster-king faces. Many trees and flowers, should be nice to see in sunlight.

Orcs: doable, even when there are 5 melee orcs and 1 ranged, it’s still doable with nice shing-shings and healing potion. Animals: yes, doable. Normal humanoids are a problem, they stun too quickly, sometimes my toon was stunned in the middle of the field with no enemies around.

Some stories were interesting, like guy who enjoys bad situation:his trade will go well. Selfish, bad guy…

And then I was redirected to Ostgiliath (OG). Find Faramir or his men. No problem, I thought…untill I arrived There were 2 entrances, all swarming with enemeies. Melee orcs (too little), then some warmasters, then some with 40.000 hp each (2 units), then some archer and sorcerer duets. In short, typical road is blocked by some 2 posts, each constisting of ~7 orcs who stand still and few wander around. If you go, you pull everything and consider yourself dead.

This is where epic quest ended for me. I could not kill all enemies. I could not ride through them (because I knew no path and Faramir was in  the middle). I could not wait untill they move, because only few enemies were moving, buty not ones who blocked the way. Tried to  find another entry – same situation. Tried to enter by river – cannot. And even if I sneaked somehow – OG is same size as Bree-land, a maze town with my NPC in the middle. Town full of overpowered monsters and alone I could only die bravely.

Asked in Kin chat, there wass some silence. Asked in World chat, no good advice, except “charge like Theoden King” (well, he had heavy cavalry or some thousand heavy riders). I recalled to Dol Amroth. New Gondor is finished for me and i know I won’t purchase it.

Simply because I do not enjoy oversized mazes overpacked with monsters where I have no chance. Or because I do not enjoy when every singkle humanoid stuns and stuns and stuns me (no countermeasures for stuns so far). Or maybe because I dislike situation when you arrive to location alone first time and you are doomed because you arrive alone and first  time. There is no option for “bring 1-2 friends” like one player told, because then instead of 1  corpse you will have 3. OG is impregnable, it’s just very very hard mode where you can’t survive.

I returned to Dol Amroth. OG and new Gondor are finished for me, this very hard new content that’s  too hard to solo. This  means I will have to purchase 2 scrolls of legacy replacement on imbued weapon – from store and pay 1000 TPs.

Another failure – in DA auction house, but will talk about this later when failure will actually fail.

And so the day has ended: very good in the begining, awkward in the end. Curse you, developers.