Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys fought, as usually, in Dol Amroth. Training exercise for Library faction: harder than expected, groups of enemies and shing-shing did not help. After second try – succeeded. Then – enter Library itself, tasks to open 2 gates (easy), kill one named Corsair (kind of easy), kill 6 slavers (a bit hard, these are passive and lost in big maze). Finally finished, got some tockens. Did Dock dailies, these RNG depending fishing ones, more tokens.

And then Sambrog, where we formed, disbanded and re-formed groups, running and killing. i was killed some 2 times, because aggroed too many enemies. Anyway, medaillions were just flowing, i have 7274 of them right now (and will never get too much).

One player asked for aid in Mirkwood. It was late in real life, but I decided to go for quick run. One quest – shing shing’ed, i.e. finished. Then – “would you mind showing me Isengard”? I explained it was in Dunland, recalled to Galtrev…only to hear there were more quests in Mirkwood. Player summoned me, we did Sword Halls, we did Warg Pens (2 times) and tried Barad Gularan (1 time and failed, because that’s a normal fellowship intance). It was midngiht and i went to sleep. Hope that player found someone to aid.

Sambrog was greedy one yesterday – I got only coins and relics. others got lootboxes, Anfalas crystals..and i got none. As usually, one without luck.

Purchased Anfalas crystal of remembrance. 520 gold, folks told it was (kind of) fair price. I will need at least 1 more.

Talked with Kinship about central Gondor. My dilemma still stands: if I am to purchase (795 TP), how many TPs will I get back? Is that region soloable? Kinnies calculate things a bit different way: I will get 3 scrolls that change legacies on imbued wapon, that’s some 1500 TPs alone…Of course, no one calculated direct return-of-investment, looks like it’s job for me. Also, Kinship assures this Grump-dor is soloable, with some caution + not touching Warbands and Roving Threats. Need tyo think and think about this prior to losing 795 TPs.

As usually, we joked about lore, this time about Gandalf and weed, as I call he is hopeless weed-addict because of visions about balrogs, one-eyed monsters etc. That’s why their class are weed-zards… had a good laugh about this.

Anyway, the day was over and it was kind of good in Lotro (except greedy Sambrog).