Lord of the rings online

Yesterday game was active, I did daily quest for 2 Lotro days. Dock faction dailies in Dol Amroth are partially RNG: if you are lucky, fish will spawn. Howveer, got my 6 gold tokens and valuable Dock tokens. Now, my tactic is clear and simple: grindd up tokens to have maximum reputation (Acquitance). When I have it – sent all tokens to Stormsong so that she arrives to Dol Amroth with best reputation.

Ran Sambrog, managed to loot Tome of Might. Used for Vytautaz, otherwise it could have been a good item for an Auction. Managed to do 2 tours for lvl.63-68 players. Once we were three, next time – I and one lvl.63 player. It was really fun to act as tank, taking everything on me and shing-shing’ing. Overall, Sambrog runs were really fun.

Pelagir was run twice, some merits and medaillions received. Second time my colleague confirmed he received tome.

Lotro would have no Spring festival: instead of it, we would have Update 16.1. So little fun in Lotro…and we are left without festival. Does it mean thr end of all festivals? Kinnies thinks it’s not, I am in doubt. Sometimes developers like to play games: do some feature and see how everyone reacts. Turtles in Dol Amroth was such thing: they allowed to take turtle and release anywhere. Forums were spammed with posts about these hard to kill turtles in Bree and other starter areas. After too much noise, developers removed this option. Second time it was with nerfing reputation items: too little players protested, too many fanboys were mobilized – reputation items werew screwed. i can guess, this is oe of such things: if no one protests, Festival may become history.

Yet I will play and grind, grind and play Lotro. Even without festivals. Even without fun. As long as my Kin is there – I will play.

And so the day has ended, kind of succesfull one in Lotro.