Lord of the rings online

was offline for all the day – well, since 10:00 Lithuanian time to…at least 0:00 Lithuanian time. No reliable data what was going on. Server transfer to Europe? Server merge?

Little activity too. Someone on Wolrd chat asked for Pelagir – no answers. I asked about Sambrog – no answers too.

We discussed Lotro in Kin chat. An unclear situation about server transfers. This step is wrong, since it’s bad in PR (less servers –>acknowledge of serious problems) and for players. What would happen if two players on two servers share same name? What would happen to housing if I and some other person had precisely the same house at the same location? What would happen to kinships? No one knows, no one from Turbine cares.

I wish Turbine had any income of realistic feedback. Their Twitter/Facebook is a fest of fanboys, always ready to fight for any step Turbine does. It’s not a feedback. At the other side – sites that bashes everything Turbine makes. it’s not a feedback too. If Turbine wished – they could create toons, wander in starter areas, listen to chats or just act like they are complete noobs and see what about community and activity. Turbine simply does not wish to have feedback.

And then they make mistakes like Helms Deep being paid for VIPs, any equipment depending on random number generator etc.

I managed to finish one Big Battle, get lvl.100 Second age symbol and some trashy jewellery before downtime.

And so the day without Lotro ended.