Lord of the rings online

StormSong was just turning in task items and one time helped kinnie to farm Orc in Bree land. A feast for minstrel: AoE attacks, so quick, so effective that did we did all slayer deeds very quickly.

Naktieskarys was farming Sambrog and Pelagir. One time lvl.52 asked to show him Sambrog – and we did it. Easy for me to shing-shing monsters, good for my colleague. All other times I was running, farming valuable medaillions. However, last few days meant lack of any lvl.100 activity, except few Central Gondor instances. I tried to ask about lvl.100 Sambrog, or if anyone needed help – and I heared nothing. Chat was silent. Yesterday though there was new wave of activity, including Kinship run of Pelagir.

Pelagir is tricky, still requires lots of expertise to get reward higher than bronze. Yet if I am effective – I am effective with traps. Sometimes I place 3 traps one on another: enemies have no chances.

Started doing Mason faction dailies. Overall, I need to focus on reputation with Dol Amroth factions. Some tokens may be earned, some – bought. It is the result that matters after all.

Now I face one problem about my lvl.100 Minstrel. She has essence armour and needs essences. Where to get lvl.95 essences – no idea. Was asking people: no data, no place to farm. Typical Lotro situation: you may have armour, but no use from it since you can’t get essences and even Auction house does not have them. Fight against evil RNG – is a lost fight. I don’t mind grinding, but only if I have realistic chances.

Meanwhile, TP farming goes well. One toon – 115 today and I could afford some 4 hours for two toons.

In short, things are going grindy in Lotro, but maybe there is a light in the end of the tunnel…