Lord of the rings online

Stormsong turned in task items – after all, she has hundreds of Damaged furs, so exchange into reputation/LI xp/TP would be usefull. DunedanMule crafted Guild medium armour for one player (and had to use almost all Magnificent hides).

Naktieskarys did initially daily routine (Dol Amroth training, Mason dailies, task items), then – one very good Pelagir run…and unexpectedly nice Sambrog. Anfalas crystal one. Unfortunately, cannot use it on my imbued axe – used on rune instead. Axe still has 2/3 stars, although I used 2 Anfalas and one simple crystal on it. Weird.

TP grinding toon fought in Ered Luin,  abandoned exploration, but due to slayer deed accelerator – managed to kill 90 spiders in Bree, in addition to Ered Luin wolves, goblins, hendrovals, dourhands, spiders. Also, used maps in my house. Result: 115 Turbinde points + some 400 silver coins. Not so bad.

There was little Sambrog runs, so I am thinking (if this situation continues) to spend more time on TP grind. If I have nothing to do, then I could repeat same actions and gain TP for that.

And so the grindy day ended – a succesfull one in Lotro.