Lord of the rings online

Naktieskarys was active, the only active toon. Doing Dol Amroth training and retaking bank each single day. Doing Mason dailies, collecting those shiny Mason tokens. And then, asking kinnies to do Pelagir.

This Big battle proves to be one of the best for me, IF I am there with an expert, no matter the class. Worst reward so far was gold, typical one – platinum. Medaillion loot is good and just a loot – well, last time I got one tome, one lvl.100 first age symbol and some stuff for legendary items. Sambrog farming went well, though – only 1 Anfalas crystal loot + some sturdy steel keys.

I have 3004 medaillions now out of some 7 or 8 thousand needed for one Legendary item alone. Grind is ahead…

My disposable toon, Xgrinder, grinded Turbine points. First day – 175 TPs by playing almost all day. Doing Ered Luin elf ruins exploration, places of dwarves; slayer – goblin, spider, wolf, dourhand, crabain.In bree land – brigand, spider, neeker-breeker, orc, sickle fly slayers and using some Cordolan trinkets. Coins: ~2,5 gold. Yesterday farmed two times: one time – standard 95 TPs, next time I omitted exploration and used all maps in my house. Result – 100 Tps. Coins: about 400-600 each run.

Maybe omitting exploration is the faster way. No need to travel, just take and return some maps.

So far – two days, 370 Turbine points. Started with 1333, now have 1703. Not sure what exactly am I grinding for: if it is for new Gondor, I don’t have to rush. One just need to wait untill this quets pack is on discount and when some things are fixed. Without discount – my goal is 2128 Turbine points so that I could have few in reserve.

And so the days has ended. TP grind was effective, medaillion runs were effective too. Even Sambrog was effective. Life was kind of good in Lotro.