Lord of the rings online

Little to tell about Lotro. Training in Dol Amroth. Mason faction dailies. Task items (running out of them, but fortunately Stormsong has full bags…). Farming Sambrog all the day. Occasionally doing chaotic Big battles and gaining more medaillions in one Bb than in two Sambrogs.

Just now I realised two of my LI legacies were just wrong. Need to replace, need to spent either 1000 TPs on scrolls or purchase evil Gondor quest pack for 795 and gain -rumours say – 2 or 3 scrolls for some quest chain. Or use mithril coins which I am reluctant to do.

Tried to purchase some things on Auction house, but kinnies told not to hurry. Well, they know better.

In Sambrog runs looted Tome of Will 6. I would gladly exchange it to Tome of Might 2…but probably won’t do.

Bright moment -Pelagir. I retraited my Engineer so that I could build traps faster. At one moment I was able to place 3 tripwires, my kinnie placed bear trap and I finished it with my favourite Calltrops. No enemy had any chance. As Gandalf the Evil told – “thou shalt not pass”.

And so daily routine ended, i had some 1131 medaillions with dire need to grind tens of thousands of them. I have almost nowhere to go, nothing fun left to do. Well, it’s life in Lotro after all.