Lord of the rings online

Weekend meant only thing: medaillion grind + Dol Amroth training. After I finish dailies (and turn in task items) – well, almost spamming chat with “any lvl.100 Sambrog run?”. Sometimes groups form very quick; sometimes advertising campaign is needed.

Sambrog was kind of ncie to me: from all several days long runs I got 1 Anfalas crystal and 2 tomes, including Tome of Might I. The one that sells for at least 400 gold. I also learned some new tactic in Sammy (as players call him).

Also did Trouble in Tuckoborough tier 3. Lots of hard enemies, died several times, yet loot was unimpressive. Not worthy to go, that’s for sure. If there is big risk, there should be big rewards, not just crappy equipment.

Tried one Big Battle – soloed it, but failed even side quest: monster were too quick to destroy supplies I was expected to protect.

Result – main legacies on my imbued weapon are close to 35 (top level), not-si-important may wait. Yes, I will upgrade my weapon – but then would not imbue any other (unless Turbine gives me several hundred euyro worth mithril coins).

And so routine weekend has ended – routine is ahead. It’s Lord of the Asian Grind Online after all…