Lord of the rings online

I continued to grind. Standard daily routine: Dol Amroth training, Dol Amroth dailies for Mason faction (only 3 Mason tokens), then some Sambrogs, few Big Battles…and for the desert, Pelagir 6-man run. Later – Sambrog again.

Pelagir is chaotic, requires very good leading or extremely good knowledge about it, yet rewards with medaillions are worth many Sambrogs. Big battles themselves gvie better rewards – but Sambrog is not chaotic, predictable and can be done by even almost un-coordinated group.

I managed to purchase several scrolls of empowerement…but still too many of them to grind.  Someone calculated that imbued weapon meeds 28 scrolls of empowerent. A nice number for Asian pay-to-win model Lotro.

Got first realistic feedback about new Gondor. It’s about stuns. As experienced player told in Kin chat, almost first that monster would do, would be stun. Stun is inescapable, hence – it’s almost certain death zone. A good argument not to purchase this quest pack. We joked like “another thing that would come to shop, would be anti-stun ability” and ” gue$$ what i$ thing developer$ care about?”. It is clear, that I have no need to rush with purchase.

Later talked a bit in World chat, aided one kinnie with Dol Amroth armour. Lotro became a set of standartized actions for me. Some 5 or 6 actions I do every day and nothing left beyond them. A routine that is boring.

And so the day has ended in Lotro. It’s just a day in Asian grindfest. New 5-slot armour is something unobtainable in reality (depends on extremely rare loot and you need 120 extremely rare things); imbued weapons are just a grindfest or pay-to-win. There is nothing that could excite me now from developers side.