Lord of the rings online

I have established a daily routine. Log in, do training for Bank faction in Dol Amroth; do 6 dailies for Mason faction in Dol Amroth; ride to neariest town in Central Gondor, turn in task items; hunt some warband consisting of 1 corsair near Dol Amroth.

And then just spam World chat with topics like “Anyone for lvl.100 Sambrog?”. Yesterday did precisely that – looking for group, then trying to command and running Sambrog, forgetting about side quests.  Grinding every single medaillion available – all thanks to imbued weapon grind system.

I died few times, when we were just few Champions, I rushed forward to shing-shing…and our Runekeeper sometimes forgot to heal. Nevertherless, we were victoriuos, protecting our healers and gaining valuable skirmish currency. I managed to buy 2 scrolls, upgrade Critical damage multiplier to tier 10 (now need only xp to fil that).

Of course, I ran Sambrog many times, for medaillions only (and for runes if I got any). FInally, at the very end of the day, Kinship ran Pelagir 6 man instance.

Gosh, it was very chaotic (as with all Big battles). I mostly tried to AoE things and build traps or – in later stages – repair barricades. In fact, I needed only some 200 medaillions, no matter platinium or bronze rewards. Since almost all group (except me and 1 othert kinnie) were experts, we got mostly platinium. Lots of medaillions, lots of stars of merit and some (bit outdated) equipment.

I managhed to buy another piece of jewellery for lvl.100 Champion and now have +10% AoE damage. Quite good for shing-shing’e like me.

Also, managed to aid one Hunter with School at lvl.95. We ran in group of 3 people, one had to leave…and then i suggested run in duo. It was done, although I managed to die somehow in the hands of the last monster. Hunter’s ranged DPS were very impressive, I think he could easily fight solo enemies.

And so, the day has ended. Things are going bit boring and grindy, too little feedback about central Gondor. I need to find something else in this routine and save myself from boredom in Lotro.