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Lord of the rings online

First of all – correcting mistakes. Imbued weapon legacy update is 29 mithril coins, not 99, as stated. So, it basically 90 mithril coins for full legacy. Of course, it is still a mix of Asian grind and pay to win, yet the sum is now lower than stated 100 euros. Yet “add one more legacy: is 99 mithril coins. Thanks to kinnie who noticed this error.

I noticed one change – Forge master now offers “tell me more about imbue”. Good thing, but it was done after thousands of player lost their good First age weapons. I won’t do same mistake and “imbue” anything other. Another change is that if you enter region you had not paid for – no more remnders “Purchase this region!”.

Unlike some kinnies predicted – there is no price drop for crystals. Contrary, if before update Auction house asked some 1000 gold for top level crystal of remembrance, now they ask some 2200 to bid, 2400 to buy out. Scrolls of empowerement also increased in price.

Once again, I find nothing to do. Log in, do Dol Amroth dailies foįr gold tokens I have no real interest into. Then do Mason faction dailies to get their tokens (and one day max out reputation). Ride to one East Gondor town, turn in task items to get reputation with the people of Pelagir.

And then just spam questions about Sambrog. I need almost 10,000 medaillions, so have to farm and farm. Due to new content, sometimes I can’t find anyone for hours. And sometimes we are doing Sambrog untill we physically can. If I got bored, I go outside DOl Amroth, kill local warband – one Corsair with 100.000 health and see what I will get in lootbox. If I still got bored, I kill corsairs just to level up legendary weapons.

New Gondor region – I still wait for feedback both for region and for epic quests there. For epic quests no player gets any clue where and how do we get epic. Hobnagnigans, for example, have instant reminder.

Talked in Kin chat about this, they suggest doing epic quests. These aside, I have nothing fun to do. Sometimes I joke in World chat – yesterday we discussed Orcs.  I told Orcs have their own language, all that was needed – some wise leader to keep them in place and civilize them. Did anyone try to talk to them about philosophy, literature, arts? Did anyone try to talk to them at all? No. Saruman the Noob used them as slaves, breeded them like dogs, used as a pure machine of destruction. Did Gandalf use any magic to civilize Orc? No, our “good” wizard has a “kill them all” approach. After Mordor castle collapsed, was any Orc taken as prisoner of war? No, so called “free people” let them to be slaughtered. So, we joked kind of that and it was really good.

Other than jokes about Orcs (good Orc is still a dead one) – life is just a routine in Lotro without any real fun, without anything to achieve. Only grind in the name grind remains.

Not too good.