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Lord of the rings online

was offline for some time – and went online about 2 hours sooner than announced. Good work, Turbine.

Update itself: new Gondor (as I call it – Grumpdor), did not test this.

Legendary items: first, we have point reset.Second, we have imbue. Legendary weapons can be imbued at Forge master – it now has two options. And then it starts:
1. Imbuement is for free. No in-game gold, points, mithril coins. Good.
2. Imbuement preserves all added things, like crafted symbols etc. Good.3. All points are lost. Imbued weapon has its own level system. Not too good.
4. Imbuement adds legacies it wants (for free), you can’t choose what is going to happen. Not good.
5. All crystals you used on LI are preserved: if you have 1 start out of three, you will have and be able to add 2 stars. Good.
6. All scrolls of empowerent you used are lost without any warning. Bad.
7. Advancement to level 31 is free. Further 4 levels are paid or grind. Very bad.

And this is where the “fun” begins. Level taxing is bad by itself. Making too many things with their own experience in game makes game complicated and is not good. When you reach lvl.31, you think – wow, how nice, beware Sauron! it isn’t so, I felt weakier with the same First age axe imbued than i felt unimbued (or were Corsairs up-graded so that they started massively evasding my attacks?). Then, Turbine reminds you:

Wanna one more legacy? No problem, 99 mithril coins only.

Wanna tier 7-10 to the existing legacy? No problem, one tier – 99 mithril coins only.

Which leaves us to the same 100 euros for one legendary item and total 300 euros (since everyone has threee LIs) per player. OR you can grind tons of marks/medaillions/seals and buy scrolls of empowerement. I used one – it worked, though not for two main legacies (DPS and something else).

World chat was furious about changes. Almost everyone dissatisfied with taxing. I tolds them they were partially to blame. They, players, still maintain subscriptions. They do not protest in forums – and now they scream in World chat. Some of them agreed, some kept silence. I was burning with dislike too. In fact, i have worse weapon than i had, I wasted resources on scrolls that are lost…and now have to re-grind tens of thousands of medaillions. Bearing in mind everyone will be doing new content – I feel like being cheated.

My own feedback to anyone: do not rush to imbue. Or imbue weapon you did not spent any crystal, scroll or rare setting – and see how it does against unimbued.

Feedback number two: according to playerss – do not rush to purchase new quest pack. Some instances are on timer, no realistic feedback yet. I do not want to speak about “grump doom” or “yeah how cute!” type – it’s not feedback, it’s black or rose glasses.

I spent some time in Kin chat, arguing and raging about new system. Folks tried to calm me down, maybe I calmed down at the end…but still not so good feleing of being cheated.

And so Downgrade16 is on, new Gondor is on, new mega-grind is on. Will there be easy quests in new Gondor or, as any Gonfor, it is grind without fun? i will do what I reccomended to one player in World chat: will wait for realistic feedback. Will spam Kin chat about new region and then will make my decision.

Sidenote: my toon, Stormsong, was power-levelled by kinnies and famous mercenary Grayhammer. I used many accelerators, but was lvl.100 yesterday. And i felt quite impressed what blue traited Minstrel in blue stance can do with healings: just spam and spam, single and AoE, then buffs, then healings again…I never felt so satisfied!

So, the days ended, I felt confused and bit furious. Time is needed to seetle down. We will see what this new U16 relaly brought.