Lord of the rings online

On this planet – you will die <…>
We have seen you die many times…
Lady Alara from Dune 2000

Someone in Turbine probably enjoyed intro for Dune2000 too much. Especially words about being killed great many times. And this person did Tarlag’s Crown.

Yesterday I did some quests there. Some were nice, only few deaths. One proved to be impossible, letting me to anger and exaggerating. Sounded not so bad:kill dead, then leader of the dead will appear, kill it. Killing dead was problematic, even when qwe killed many of them leader did not show, more mobs spawned…my group (me + Warden) was in rela trouble. I got killed every now and then, my skills being as usefull as fork in tank combat. Bills for repairs were huge and I abandoned this quest.

Tarlags Crown does prove that skill does not matter. It is numbers that matter and in my theory each monster should be fought by at least 4 players: one tank, one ranged tank, one healer, one support dps. I saw my Warden, this invicible universal tank, being killed.

TC left me very angry. World channel was of almost no use (no sane player is interested in this evil zone), Kinship was very actively doing Big Battles.  I was left with 17 out of 25 TC quests and all I need is to finish last one. Then I won’t return there.

Was everything so bad? No, not at all. I met one blue-traited Champion with two-handed sword. She performed quite good, though 2 champions meant big troubles: we, champions, are not tanks. Kinnies offered help too and it was really nice.

Evil Death zone aside, I finally have lvl.100 First age axe and lvl.100 first age rune. Levelled them and this morning both weapons got to level 70. All marks/medaillions are spent on scrolls of empowerement, so I should be able to act efficiently. Kinship helps greatly with this, today I will add last relics/runes/settings/whatsoever and would be prepared for “imbuing”.

Which is coming, “Ashes of Ostgiliath” announced to be soon. Well, it is only natural: initially – Gondor Aflame, then after flame we  have ashes. Ashes are what would be left from Lotro. It officially becomes Asian grind, pay-to-win game.

And so the day has ended. Kind of grey one and dark days of pay-to-win coming ahead.