Lord of the rings online

Almost all day Naktieskarys spent in Tarlags Crown, the Death Zone. There is deed to finish 25 quests there and with help of Kinship (+other players) I advanced a bit.

Fighting was really hard. Monsters aggro too quickly and Umbarim Sorcerer is pure evil. He may stand aside and send limitless spirits against you. Only solution – bring fight to melee, otherwise – death.

And I died great many times. Can’t count how many: one time revived myself, one time was revived…and all other times just defeat. One time we were just wiped by trolls – the very time I retreated to talk to NPC and actually receive further quests.

At the end of the day managed to help one lower level player with School and Library instances: at least some relaxation from over-grown, over-powered monsters in Death Zone. Player was impressed by champion’s AoE abilities (but to tell truth, these abilities matter little in, say, TC).

I do wish to end TC quests as soon as possible and then choose some easy monsters in Gondor for LI experience farming. One day I could even do epic quest line which redirects me to Central Grumpdor Gondor.

And so the day has ended. I felt a bit tired, but still satisfied. Day has been good in Lotro.