Lord of the rings online

Two days of almost non-stop activity. My parked toons still turn in task items, gaining xp. Naktieskarys is the only really active.

Gondor. My not-so-loved region. Days and days of killing Corsairs, hoping to get major essence of something, just to know I can loot it…but Corsairs are greedy. I re-discovered that killing them gives Legendary item xp, so I can just farm this xp. Additionally, started to turning in task items for same xp.

Finished some grindy (it’s Gondor after all) deeds: Oath breaker slayer (simple and advanced), Treasure of Gondor. Rewards were miserable, but finally these deeds were done.

Now I am just doing my daily deeds in Dol Amroth and later participating in some lvl.100 activity. Sometimes it is Kinship run to visit Mr. Sambrog (the one I always mock), sometimes helping other people. Once joined group that advertised in the World channel. Unfortunately for me, no quality drops, only in-game gold. had a blast yesterday when one lvl.20 player asked to help him and his friends in Great barrow. Level 100 Minstrel and champion (last one – me) volunteered and Minstrel just nuked everything. Was really nice. Next run was Grand Stairs with kinnie, where we got killed few times by one mob – immune for 15 seconds, then he nuked us.

Main thing – my visit to Tarlags Crown, as I call it -Death zone.  One friendly Warden was very kind to aid, so we went there. Zone is un-attractive, enemies too hard – Limlight Gorge was 100 times better. Warden was really impressive, always tanking, taking almost no damage (only running low on energy) while my squishy toon just did shing-shing without noticable damage. However, even my beloved Minstrel would be in trouble there. I did what I needed, completed one deed and started a (long?) line of TC quests.

Main thing number 2: most evil quest to kill Nazgul is finally done. Soloed, of course, I am soloer after all, though it was really problematic. As a reward I chose light lvl.95 robe with essences – a gift for my nice Minstrel.

Kinship once again does care about me, giving advices, donating DA tokens. How would I ever “re-pay”, remains a big mistery.

Ironically, I start enjoying Lotro before it goes pay-to-win. People in World chat are already talking bad things about it. But they themselves are (mostly) to blame too. They support pay-to-win by keeping subscriptions. Either do not subscribe, either speak badly. I guess if everyone who does not enjoy p2w un-subscribes, Turbine would be forced to step back. Now, I can’t imagine how one is to grind some 50,000

Wait, Turbine said they’ll lower price!

Ok, ok, as low as 40,000 Turbine points. Almost 300 euros should you want to go easy way. For 300 euros I could get a better game…and these are euros just for 15 levels for 2 legendary weapons. Should you want scrolls of empowerement, feel free to spend more. Kinnies are asking if I’ll leave after Downgrade16. No, i won’t, just I will have no arguments to defend Lotro. Defend if someone tells – “come on, it’s Asian grind and pay to win lame endgame”.

And so, despite developers’ best effort to ruin it,  the days were succesfull in Lotro.