Had two days, difficult in real life. Yesterday spent a difficult evening at  so-called “brain fights”. We had a game with questions of on sex, excrements, sex, vomiting, sex and more xxx content. Was arguing with team colleagues upon my decision to leave. Few hours of arguing just because I am not a big fan of proctologycal questions.

Lord of the rings online

Festival quests, many festival tokens. My offer for help (“Any low level player needs any help?”) met deaf eye, just joked with one player about Saruman. In fact, he was a goodd guy: developed industry, maintained peace with Rohan, introduced multi-cultural society, even sent 10.000 ambasadors to King Theoden. Yet he is bad, and some fat nosey hobbitses that ruined all of this are good…

Vytautaz and DunedanMule turned in task items, Vytautaz even travelled to Bree to gain some xp and gold.

In AH my Steel Keey ended with some 28,5 gold coins (started with 20). I offered some loot and worthless reputation items. If I get anything – good. If I fail – not bad, I lose only 5 copper frorm each. Now people are battling for some helmet (lvl.90).

I had 2 serious talks with kinnies. In private messages, of course. Talks about my hatred towards Big Failures Battles, Gondor and alike. I explain why eaxctly I hate. Yes, sometimes I exaggerate, I can do this and see problem bigger than problem actually is. However, I have only bad impressions from Big Battles. Side quests, light-speed reaction, any mistake equals to loss of Platinium. People keep telling me about some “stars of merit” when I have got none. Strange, I managed to participate in those Big ones…and yet no star. My kinnies frankly tell me they want (at least to try) to change my opinion. Then we are talking about lvl.100 armour. This is where I stand harder: it’s pure grind. Almost 20 days of pure grind in the name of grind. Or being in-game gold millionaire (which I am not). Or being not self-sufficient (which is not an option).

There are points kinnies are right, sometimes I may exaggerate problems. Right now I do not feel like I want to do Big Battles or return to Dol Amroth. Right now I want only one thing – to grind for Eorlingas ore, have only 60 bars of high-quality one (therefore 120 medium quality, therefore 240 low quality…and some 480 ore itself. ouch).

Talks were a bit hard, but they were sincere, with typical for us respect for another person. They want to help me, I want to understand them and myself. One day I would probably go for Big Battle, at least one (things just can’t get grumpier than they are, right?).

And so the day has ended with lots of arguing…but not so bad.