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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did traditional Festival quests, grinding tokens. Now I have more than 100 of them: in theory ready for next Festival (should be enough to purchase mount and mount cosmetic).

Aided kinnie: we did traditional combination of Tuckoborough and Sambrog. Things were very good, wew both knew the tactic, so – no problems. Well, untill he set up Tuckoborough (lvl.50) at tier 2. This is where I faced some problems: monsters hit harder, at the endfight I lost almost half health and was forced to call my Skirmish soldier (a healer) for aid. But after all, we were victorious.

World chat faced one senseless discussion about Grayhammer. He is know in Middle Earth for offering his hammer – for some fee. Someone started to argue, discussion erupted…and it was senseless. I see no evil in such “sellswords” (and let’s hope they do not offer such help in PvP).

Kinnie adviced to trie the new game. And this was


A new mmo in beta. According to what I heared – interesting classes, free to play, PvE. And yeah, player has to acghieve God status by recruiting NPCs. I thought – well, if these are real people, I will fail, I am not good at this.

Asked to participate in beta. Of course, things could speed up if I buy Founder’s pack (which I am not going to do). Will wait, then will see what the game offers. Lightbringer class sounds much much like Lotro’s Minstrel, my favourite.


And so the day has ended – a normal one in virtual world.