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Lord of the rings online

Finally, have something to do, except chating with kinnies. I am buys qwith Anniversary festival. Making maximum 2 firework quests per local night and probably 4 quests per one day. Plus “catche envelope” and “spark interest into fireworks” quests.

I am grinding Anniversary tokens, to compensate some 67 spent for mount and caparison. Why am I doing this – do not know. I don’t need Anniversary tokens, this year mount is (kind of) ugly and I have all the maps, Probably grindign for tokens is the only activity left for me, the only thing I could do without depending on RNG or hard enemies.

This is where I have frank, yet sometimes- hard talk with kinnies. But one day each one would realise how really difficult and stressing everything after Gondor is. Some quests I would do (if servers were un-crashable) with hundreds or even thousand top-level, top-equipped players. Since Gondor, I no longer need any “oh look, shiny shiny, pretty pretty” equipment, because I have nowhere to use it. Kinnies suggest grinding for gold. Barrows could be used, though at very slow rate (1 run, 1 gold). Auction house, where I am experiencing instant failure, is not a real option: it is unpredictable, so eventually one may run into losses only. Kinnies suggets levle 80 Sambrog runs, yet I am afraid of it. i remember how dealing with lvl.50 wighs was not too easy, no “shing shing all dead”. Sometimes my health dropped near edge of risk.

And so the day has ended – without real inspiration, just a dull grinding.