Naktieskarys was running and killing poor maggots (lvl.10-12) and Fiyakis (some lvl.12 or 13). Gathering crystals to level up my poor Mage…but crystal drop was low. I noticed I had almost same crystals dropped by lvl.1 maggots and from lvl.10 maggots. Would take many many hours to grind at least 100 of them.

Lucky for me, our plot in Falathien need more cobalt work, so I gladly ran there. At least, activity!

Lord of the rings online

There is a festival, Anniversary one. I would suggets calling it “Wellcome Pay to Win model festival”, but that’s just my thoughts.

Finally, have something to do in Lotro. Launching fireworks. Gathering evil letters. Informing Bree folks about festivals. Getting Anniversary tokens for that. I had some 67 from previous festivals, so used them to buy horse and caparison. Horse (“Woodlands?”) is just ugly. Rode once and twice…and forgot about it.

However, Festival means I ma finally busy with content that gives some rewards and does not depresses me much.  Kinnies offered to do Helegrod for “steel tokens”, I refused: Helegrod is just too long to do. Tried Sambrog, but greedy monsters almost did not drop tokens. Later I read wiki: oh my, tokens are bartered for “gift boxes”, i.e. trash boxes. Good news, I no longer need Steel tokens.

I am frankly talking with Kinship about which game should I choose, since I have lost my faith in Lotro and Turbine. I despise eternal RNG, extremely hard monsters that require almost hundred players to have a chance to win, I despise grind in the name of grind and I relaly hate pay to win model.

So far foflks were jokinh about Sims or counterstrike – but all I need is some soft fantasy game with PvE (PvP is not an option) woith no adult or anime themes. A game that would have easy mode. If I find such, I probably would gladly go there.


However, I have some job to do in Istaria and Lotro, which means for some time I have my mind occupied: a good thing in these days.