Hurry and hurry – that was going on. Decided to level up Mage, had to change armour to some that offers almost no protection. Use level 1 weapon, although Guild offered lvl.10. But this is me, eternal soloer wh owants to be self-sufficient. Then made another toolbar for Mage spells and went for lvl.66 Golems.

Fight was short: I did some 6 damage to monster, he made some 200, then it was melee fight, I did some 200 or even 400 damage…but my own health was running low, heals did not work, I had to retreat.

I was really in a fury. Multiclassing, the thing where Istaria shines, just went 100% wrong. And how am I expected to kill ebnemy with, say, 2000 hp, when my single spell does entrire 6 hp damage and other spells were avoided by mob? Folks told to hunt spiders, sicne golems are crush-resistent. Ok, but I still have six hp damage, spider or not.

Returned to cleric school, a bit angry. The only way to multiclass was to collect hundreds of crystals so that lvl.10 mage uses and grows a bit. Or grind trophies for level 10.

Or await some very very kind person that would power-level me.

Yes, I hurried too much, maybe I should have at least tried spiders. But…now I am cleric again and quite happy.

Lord of the rings online

Was doing Great Barrows with one lvl.22 kinnie…and one lvbl.100 Champion. Oh my, it was just a slaughter, poor Sambrog was killed with two attacks.

Rest time it was chating in World chat. It started about weeds and then i interfered with things like – “Well, Gandalf and Radagast smoke too much weed and we have world divided and war”. Later we went to disucss how Ents were smoking weed, then saw – smoke from Orthanc and decided to destroy opposing gang. Sauron, of course, smoke so much weed that he imagined he had no body, only one big eye. Saruman smoked much weed too – much enough to see a non-existent “army of 10.000 Uruks” when, in fact, there were none.

And no doubt, hobbits who smoked weed (confirmed officially even in Lotro) and, were eager to destroy a smokey mountain of Sauron and weed factories of Saruman. But whethter this war existed in their weed-full minds or in reality – no one knows…

We talked, we laughed, some other players from chart joined this conversation, ending with “advertising” of weeds from Hobbits. To which I responded – “Buy quality, buy Saurons ™ weed! Call 1-800-NAZGUL”. Once again, short chat about hobbit/Sauron weeds…

And so the day has ended. Little inspirations, too much hurry and sometimes over-exagerrations from my side. Today istaria would be on maintenance, so I would have to play Lotro.