was on maintenance, so – little play. Gathering mithril, joking/roleplaying about motherlodes, my own MHL (Motherlode Harvesting League), motherlode decorations for player plots so that I and Player E. could role-play there. A very good time there.

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz, Stormsong turned in task items. Naktieskarys mostly chatted. There was some hard discussion with one kinnie – but I prefer sincere hard talk to sweet senseless compliments. Some kinnies think my “always grumpy Dwarf who is there for more grumpyness” is for real while it is not. It’s like famous Grumpy Cat: Grumpy cat looks grumpy, but in reality is is joyfull cat. We discussed many things: what game should I play if Lotro is that bad. We found none, since I tried everything free to play can offer. In fact I need Lotro v.2.0 – same warm fantasy place, just solo friendly and not pay-to-win. Later we jus twent wild joking, kiding, laughing all across Kinship chat. I acted as “romantic poet” who started creating things about romance. How hero tells to his dear – my dear, here is ahouse made from heads of orcs and on each head I carved your name; there is a bonfire from orcish corpses and over there Cargul screams from pain. Once again – laughing, joking about me as “last romantic person in Middle Earth”.

Roleplay (if this is rp, of course…) aside – managed to help one person with some instances and provide one Hobbit hunter with melee weapons.

I also talked to kinnies. Explained them, step by step, my philosophy about end-game content. And I was listened to, my kinnies almost totally agreed with me on every single step. From point that taxing levers is pay to win to my thought that I don’t need top lvl equipment.

Besides, few levels on Bulroarer are rumoured to cost some 1300 mithril coins. I expect all 15 levels would cost around 10.000 mithril.

And so the day has ended, it was almost perfect, I felt really satisfied. As strange as it is – even in Lotro.