Naktieskarys was busy once again. Running forwards and backwards, grinding materials, crafting and adding stuff to the buildings – and feelign happy wghen new building appears.

Roleplaying with Player E. about motherlodes and their harvesting, almost every single day – and really feeling happy because of such roleplay. Does it mean I am into rp? Well, Grumpy Dwarf in Lotro could confirm – probably yes.

Soon i will finish one plot, leaving onl 1 not so muich needed structure and concentrate on another ones. There is no lack in aiding jobs.

I thought about grinding level 100 crystals…and it turned out there was no normal place to hunt. Doom was a good one, but one is supposed to do very long chain of quests to get there. And then there are Deadlands, but enemies there are almost immune to all my attacks.

i am feeling a bit lost with this. Fighting endgame is not my thing – it’s 100% obvious.

Lord of the rings online

Almost no activity, except taking and selling Hobbit presents. Standard question in World channel “any low level player needing any help?” with standard number of answers – zero. Kinship is active with endgame content and this content is not for me.

Talked in Wolrd chat about game, arguing Lotro is not pay-to-win. PvE games cannot be pay-to-win. But tendenceis of becoming one – yes, they are.

Overall, I felt relaly happy and busy in Istaria. Things in there are just wonderfull.